American Plumbing Professionals Inc

Est 2000

Our Story

At American Plumbing Professionals, we have grown from humble beginnings. We began with one van, basic tools, and a willingness to put in the time to share the worth of our company. We hung thousands of door fliers, marketed one business at a time, and built our reputation on plumbing quality as well as hard work. From a single office in a home to employing hundreds of employees who can now provide for their families, we believe in giving back. We share our knowledge with those around us so that every employee is stronger and has a brighter future.
As we've grown, we've always been committed to providing high-quality plumbing services that meet or exceed customer expectations. We're proud to have built a reputation for excellence in our field that many in our industry turn to in times of need. Equally important to us is our dedication to providing excellent customer service and building strong relationships with our clients and team. We believe in doing business ethically and prioritize values such as fairness, sustainability, transparency, and social responsibility in all aspects of our operations.
As we continue to expand and serve businesses across the region, we're grateful for our loyal clients and team and are excited to continue providing the highest-quality plumbing services in the business.

  • Quality: Building a reputation for providing high-quality plumbing service that meets or exceeds customer expectations.
  • Customer Service: Focusing on providing excellent customer service and building strong relationships with customers.
  • Building a company on ethical decisions: Prioritizing values such as fairness, sustainability, transparency, and social responsibility in all aspects of our business.

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Our Team

Our team of managers is a highly skilled and dedicated group of professionals who work collaboratively to achieve our goals. With diverse backgrounds and expertise, we bring unique perspectives to every project and task. We are committed to providing high-quality work and delivering exceptional results. Our team values open communication, mutual respect, and a supportive work environment that encourages growth and development. Together, we strive to exceed expectations and consistently meet the needs of our clients.

Joseph Miller

Chief Financial officer

A visionary who inspires and motivates the team to achieve great things. He is a skilled communicator who can articulate complex ideas with ease, and is known for his efficient and impactful management style. With a strong focus on results, he is committed to driving growth and success for the organization.

Andrew Miller

Chief Executive Officer

Has a passion for designing and optimizing systems and takes great care in ensuring the integrity of the team. Constantly seeking out new and more efficient ways of doing things and is committed to achieving the best possible outcomes for himself and his colleagues.

Chris Miller

Chief Operations Officer.

Overseeing the training programs and initiatives within the company, including the design, development, delivery, and evaluation of training programs for employees. Responsible for managing a team of trainers and ensuring that they have the resources and support they need to effectively train employees.

Katie Blankenship

Director of Office Operations

An accomplished leader who excels at creating positive work environments promoting teamwork, creativity, and long-term commitment. Understands vendors and employees' needs, creating mutually beneficial systems. Empowered mentoring approach prioritizing discipline and responsibility.

John Brown

Accounts Supervisor

A meticulous perfectionist who takes great pride in delivering work that is of the highest quality. He is a skillful multitasker and is able to effectively manage multiple tasks at once, without sacrificing attention to detail. As a natural leader, he leads from the front and sets an example for his team through his hard work and dedication. He is commitmented to excellence and exhibits the ability to manage complex tasks.

Hayley Flanigan

Dispatch Supervisor

With a natural talent for organizing schedules and keeping things running smoothly she has a gift for diffusing tense situations. She brings a sense of calm to any situation. Her organizational skills is highly valued by her colleagues, as she is able to prioritize tasks and ensure that everything is completed on time. With her diligent work ethic and focus on efficiency.

Stephanie Jenkins

Expense Manager

Highly organized and reliable team member, consistently doing what they are supposed to do and delivering work that is of the highest quality. She is skilled at managing her teams time effectively, prioritizing tasks and ensuring that everything is completed on schedule. As a team player, she is always willing to lend a helping hand and support her colleagues, fostering a collaborative work environment.

Lowell Dillian

Tn Division Manager

With over 11 years in the company he works tirelessly to ensure that every task is completed to the highest standards. He take pride in his loyalty to the organization and is committed to its success. With his meticulous attention to detail, he has become a valuable asset to the company, and his dedication is highly respected by his colleagues!

Rob Lewis

Tn Division Manager

A supportive and empathetic leader who is always willing to go the extra mile for their techs. They have a calming presence that helps to keep everyone focused and motivated, even in challenging situations. With a focus on building a cohesive team, they are committed to creating a positive and collaborative work environment. Their extensive knowledge in the plumbing field is highly respected by their colleagues, and they are always eager to share their expertise and help others grow in their roles.

Adam Crutcher

Tn Division Manager

Adam is an optimistic manager who brings positivity and enthusiasm to the team. His passion for his work is evident in everything he does, driving him to go above and beyond in his efforts. Welcoming and approachable, Adam creates a supportive environment where everyone feels valued and encouraged. His positive outlook and genuine passion inspire his colleagues, making him a key player in fostering a motivated and cohesive team.

Nathan Adkisson

Ga Division Manager

Nathan is a forward-thinking leader, always striving to advance and improve both himself and his team. His readiness to learn and adapt to new challenges keeps the team dynamic and innovative. Dependable and reliable, Nathan can be counted on to follow through on his commitments and support his colleagues. His proactive approach and dedication to continuous improvement make him an invaluable member of the team, driving success and fostering a culture of growth.

Alex Stricklin

Ga Division Manager

embodying perseverance, consistently demonstrating his commitment to following rules and regulations even during tough times. He is determined to achieve excellence and strives to be the best in everything he does. His unwavering dedication and focus are highly valued by his colleagues.

Cameron Lusk

Ga Division Manager

Cameron exemplifies discipline and hard work in every aspect of his role. His steadfast commitment to excellence sets a high standard for his team. Always encouraging and supportive, Cameron motivates his colleagues to reach their full potential. His disciplined approach ensures consistent, high-quality results, while his dedication and work ethic inspire those around him. Cameron's ability to lead by example and foster a positive, productive environment makes him an invaluable asset to the team

Zach Conner

Fl Division Manager

Zach brings a fresh perspective and innovative ideas that inspire those around him. He pushes his team to achieve their full potential, encouraging them to think outside the box and take on new challenges. With a teacher's heart, he cares deeply about the knowledge and growth of his colleagues, always willing to lend a helping hand and share his expertise. His passion for learning and development is contagious, making him a valuable asset to the team.

Jakob Carpenter

Fl Division Manager

An exemplary team member, demonstrating dependability, loyalty, and a strong willingness to learn. He approach every task with a polite and professional demeanor, earning the respect and trust of his colleagues. his commitment to his work is unwavering, and he take pride in delivering high-quality results that exceed expectations. With his positive attitude and dedication to excellence, he is an asset to any team he works with.

Tyler Daunhauer

Fl Division Manager

With a broad background and extensive experience, Tyler brings a wealth of knowledge to the team. His steady head under pressure ensures that even the most challenging situations are handled with calm and precision. Always prepared, Tyler consistently has a well-thought-out plan, enabling his team to navigate obstacles smoothly and efficiently. His strategic mindset and reliable nature make him an invaluable leader, inspiring confidence and trust among his colleagues.

Stephanie Jenkins


I've worked at many places, and there's no other company or place I have felt as passionate about. No other position has challenged or stretched me into different areas, and no other management encourages and empowers me to do my best. A great work environment with team spirit is all I will ever need, and of course, the compensation helps!

Alex Stricklin

Division Manager

I'm a division manager at American Plumbing. I have been a manager for 4 years and before that i was a tech for 6 years. I had zero experience in the plumbing field when I started and now I have my Master Plumbing License. I love the company I work for and I loved the traveling while I was a technician. This is an opportunity of a lifetime!

Chase Gordon


American Plumbing is an eye-opener for someone like me. I came into their office with zero plumbing knowledge, not sure what to expect. I quickly learned this is an opportunity of a lifetime. From gaining knowledge I will take with me for the rest of my life, to simply learning to believe in myself and my accomplishments!

Jamar Porter

Service Technician

American Plumbing is a great career opportunity. I started with no experience, and with the knowledge that I've obtained with the company I am able to perform and execute major commercial plumbing jobs. It has definitaly changed my life. I am hoping to own my own company someday with their help.

Nathan Adkinsson

Service Technician

American Plumbing is a great starting place to get in the trade. I started three years ago not knowing a lot about plumbing. I love the challenge of the job. The money is great and there is always something to work on. Plumbing is awesome and hard work is satisfying. You also get to see so many cool places. American Plumbing is a great place to work at!